Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to Blogging

I hope that I'm back to blogging anyway.  Other than being sure to get the milestone post up, I've not blogged any this summer.  I have really missed coming to this little corner of the internet to check in with our long distance family and friends and share a little bit of our life.  Even Britt has asked when he gets to write on the computer.  I am so OCD about going chronologically through things, but I'm not sure that I'll be able to make up an entire summer, especially not one as busy as this has been.  I'll just hit the highlights, throw in a ton of random pictures, and maybe down the road I'll revisit some things.  I hate to do it that way, as our scrapbooks are woefully behind (the last entry is we are expecting a little girl and not Rebecca but Ruth).

So the move from Indiana to Pennsylvania went well.  It was the easiest move we've ever made.  Some one else did all the boxing, loading, driving, unloading.  Gary flew back to drive us over.  I didn't even have to watch the kids since Memaw came up and took them off my hands for two days.  I didn't fully know it at the time, but it was a real blessing.  My hips and back still weren't quite back up to par after having Rebecca, and I had no idea what was in store with us with the house here in Penn.

I'll confess I cried.  Some suggested taking pictures to be able to see just how much work we did.  To be honest, I would be ashamed to let anyone know that I let my kids live in this house in the shape it was in when we moved in.  I have always thought it would be alot of fun, if money wasn't an issue, to take an old home and restore it, to make a house beautiful and livable again, because they sorta have lives of their own you know.  However, I never dreamed I would have to live out of boxes in it during the process, try to manage two kids with way to much energy, and nurse on demand.  Let's just say it's been a demanding summer with a huge work load.  There has been alot accomplished, but there's still tons of work left to do, like sealing up the house and killing a colony of mice.

Rebecca is growing like a weed.  She is still the easiest baby to date.  She's been crawling in a weird fashion since 4 months.  Just this week, she started coordinating her knees and arms, for a more normal looking crawl.  She's picking up speed, but sometimes when she is in a hurry, she still resorts, to the weird head- knees together inch worm looking thing that she does.  She really loves Britt's old puppy.  He happily has declared it Rebecca's puppy.

Britt is very excited to be starting school Sept. 2nd.  We finally came to the decision to homeschool him.  It is something Gary has wanted to consider since before we got married, and something I was adamantly against.  Since deciding, and doing more research for the last couple of weeks, I have a surprising peace and happiness about the decision.  I've always known I wanted to teach, I just didn't expect to teach my own.  I'm starting to get excited, and if we were filthy rich, I could have already bought out the bank, but I have agreed with Gary to take it easy this year and see how it goes.  He could have started kindergarten this year, or he could have waited another year, so nothing has to be official this year.

Ruth not to be left out has insisted that I get her some school books too for her Hello Kitty "packpack".  I plan to let her hang out with Britt for the most part, but will be shocked if she picks up much.  She doesn't know all of her letter sounds, and I don't think she even knows all of her letters yet.  All things Britt was already doing at this age.  She's got plenty of time, so I'm not concerned.  She just turned three this week, and is starting to let Britt know more and more that she has opinions of her own about what to play and do.

We have had visits this summer from Mister and Memaw as well as Ahna and Grumps.  Grandmother and Granddaddy are planning to come up in a little more than a month.  The kids have been excited to see their grandparents, and we've been excited to have somebody else to entertain the kids.  We've also had some help on the house.  We also managed a trip down to Florida for Little Union's Annual Meeting.  We are planning a trip home to Alabama for Thanksgiving.

Kita has really filled out alot.  She is still a little on the petite side for a Husky, but her energy level is that of any Husky.  I need to work with her more, but like I've mentioned the house has been a full time 18 hour a day kind of project.  I have decided that I would like to do some classes with her.  Gary has reluctantly agreed, mostly because I reminded him that it would do me good to have some child free time, doing something myself.  I was hoping to start that this month, but with the work on the house, and starting to homeschool, I will probably wait until later in the fall.

I am still doing my Bible reading.  I was a little ahead of schedule because I like to read all the story together rather than breaking it up, but I didn't read alot while we were in Florida so I got behind again.  Today I will finish Jeremiah and be back on track.  The strength of reading chronologically is that you are reading portions of the major and minor prophets all while reading the accounts in Kings and Chronicles, which in my opinion makes so much more sense.  We continue to visit Churches in the area.  There are a few we have not visited yet, a few we want to visit again, and two that are form most in our minds.  We don't want to rush making a decision, but at the same time we want to deside soon.  We have been gone from Florida a year now (just more for Gary, just less for me).

Gary continues to enjoy the work he's doing.  He has a good team, and better bosses this time around.  Ruth danced with his boss at the wedding of a co-worker last weekend, and he offered to take her home with them.  He is building a program from the ground up in many ways.  He is trialing some ideas with a few farmers and taking in all the meetings he learn the differences for crops in this area.  He is very comfortable with everything.I will confess to having minor panic attacks any time he comes home unexpectedly.  I can't help it, it was about this time that the other position let him go with no warning or reason.  I tell myself it is stupid, but I suppose with time I will get better about that.  All in all we are adjusting well to Yankee Country and the Arctic North as we jokingly call it.

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lydia said...

I'm glad you're back and I enjoyed your update. I'm anxious to follow how homeschooling goes with Britt. I think you will be amazed at how much Ruth picks up from watching in on Britt's schoolwork.