Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three First in One Day!

On Monday, Rebecca had three firsts.  After working at it for the last week only to fall in all four directions, she mastered sitting up on her own.  She's also figured out how to get herself to sitting up all at once.  She was laying in the floor with the other two, while I was editing the singing video for Monday, when all of a sudden I looked up and there she was sitting beside the others.  After watching her do it a few times, I decided that since I was going to be bringing in the sheets and carrying out the towels to the clothes line, that I would just carry her with me and sit her out in the grass to see what she thought of it.  I think we turned Britt loose in the grass when he started crawling at the Pippin House, and seems like Ruth got her first chance at grass at Easter when we were all watching the big "kids" play baseball.  Britt was excited and plowing through it.  Ruth picked at it with a curious expression.  All I can say about Rebecca is she didn't appear to like it one bit.  She would touch it and jerk her hand back, and then make this terrible face.
While we were all outside the older two were clamoring to be pushed on the swing.  So, I sat Rebecca down in the baby swing, and got ready to push them.  Just then, Gary pulled up, so I nabbed him for swing duty so that I could pull out the camera a bit.  I am just loving figuring out how to work this thing by the way.  Rebecca loved the swing, and any time it slowed down, she spent the time waiting for someone to notice, by licking the swing.  Strange child, must be her Daddy's genes coming out.

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