Monday, August 26, 2013

Singing Church Songs

Since we have a lengthy car ride on Sundays, and quite often just riding around in the car, the kids want to do alot of singing.  Unlike alot of people, Gary has this policy of "absolutely no annoying kid songs" in the car.  (I will admit though that didn't stop Ruth from singing "Tinkle, Tinkle Wittle Staa" over and over for 30 minutes yesterday.)  We either have country on, or the family comedy channel when we have free XM Radio (because they want to get you hooked to buy it you know).  We use to listen to Rays baseball some too.  However, what we play most in the car is a few singing cds that we have from various Church meetings over the last few years or other accapela tapes of Church music.  Whenever Daddy is along for the ride, the kids are always clammoring for him to sing their favorites "Mo-ver Grounder", "Up up Brover", "Passing Away", "Blessed be the Rock", or something else.  (For the rest of us that would be "Solid Rock", "Nothing But the Blood", "Sweet to Rejoice", and "I Will Call Upon the Lord.)  I love to hear their little voices, and their attempts at the words are HYSTERICAL!  Britt attempting to lead time with a stiff hand is also new, he use to just randomly wave it around, at times he was almost on the beat.  I decided this month I really needed to get some video, and so on a couple of different occasions I have, so enjoy...

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