Wednesday, August 14, 2013

3 Years with Ruth


So much has happened this year.  While you are still our sunshine, you have started fussing at me any time I call you sunshine or Daddy calls you sweetie.  You insist that your name is "Ah Roo Cunnham"  Your speech has improved alot over the last 6 months.  Working with Ms. Leah helped, and of course now we have a better idea of some of the things to work on with you.  Some areas still need work, but you are improving rapidly now.

Your brother is still your favorite playmate.  Rather than just playing whatever he wants, and mimicking him, you are developing some opinions of your own.  And boy are you not afraid to share them!  Especially when he won't share his leap pad.  You hit your terrible two's about Easter time of this year.  You can be incredibly stubborn when you don't want to do something or when you want to do something that we don't, and respond with "But I don't like it" or "But I want to."  Even so, compared to others we've seen and what we've experienced with Britt, you are mild.

You love to play dress up.  I remained shocked that I have such a girly girl.  You love your dresses and are always having me fix your hair.  You are obsessed with shoes, and probably have more pairs than everyone else in our house put together.  You especially love your jewelry!  We can't help but smile.  You really enjoy the couple of barbies that you have.  I never remotely cared about them, and I'm really not excited about that.  I think you are entirely too young to have them.  You do still love to play Hot Wheels cars with Britt, and get filthy outside, but you are definitely all girl.

You have adjusted really well to yet another move and having a new little sister.  You continue to bounce along with life.  Most recently you have started talking some with Rebecca now that she is a little more vocal.  For the longest time, you would fuss at Britt when he would talk to her and ask her questions saying, "Babecca can't tawk, Bit!"  You like to share your blanket and sometimes even monkey with Rebecca.  You cheer for her when she starts to crawl and sometimes ask when she can sleep in the big bed with you.

I dreamed about what you might be like for a long time.  You are nothing like what I imagined, but you are so much more.  My dear girl, giver of purple kisses, queen of dancing to any music in any place, pure sunshine, with such personality, Momma and Daddy love you very much.  We pray the Lord continues to bless you, and we are so thankful that you were given to us.


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