Monday, July 22, 2013

5 Months with Rebecca

My Sweet Rebecca Joy,

You really are a sweet and joyful little thing.  I can't tell you how much fun you are, how much you make me smile, and how blessed we are to have you in our little family.  You are firmly in size 3-6 clothes, and only have one pair of size 1 shoes that still fit, the others are size 2.  You are long and lean.  Stretching the length on the onesies but with lots of empty space around the sides.  From getting on the scale with you this morning, I am still guessing that you are roughly 15 lbs.  You will be happy to know, that your Momma has finally got it together enough to have a list of doctors to call around to.  I hope to have your next appointment right before the 6 month mark.  I'm not concerned, because you are growing and thriving, but I do need to get you in to get the shots that we want you to have.

You seem so strong to me.  You love to lay on your belly, and even when strapped in to a carseat, bouncer, or swing, are trying to lean forward, pull yourself out, or slide down.  At one point last week Memaw had you in your carseat in the floor, in front of the tv, and within 60 seconds, you managed to push/slide until you had all of yourself out, except your head.  Last week for the first time, you also managed to pull your legs around under you and out to the front, and then push up with your hands into a semi-sitting, tripod like position.  Since then a few nights I have found you sleeping as if you were sitting with your legs out in front, and then just laid down on top of them.  You are doing a little actual crawling now, though it is painfully slow.  You will get up on all fours, rock a little bit, put your head down on the floor, and pull both knees together up against your head.  Then you will lift your head, and one shake step at a time move one arm, then the other.  Then you will put your head down and begin the process all over again.

I have started putting your tub in the big tub with your brother and sister this month.  They really seem to enjoy having you in the bath with them.  You grin big, and kick, and splash, and they laugh and try to get you to do more grinning, kicking, and splashing.  Surprisingly enough, that same excitement didn't transfer over to the beach this month.  You looked shocked the first time I put you in the water, but granted it was much cooler than I run your bath.  The other time you went out, you started dozing off, only showing a little interest in kicking at the waves.  I wanted to take you out more, but didn't.

Obviously our routine has been shot for the last two weeks.  You adapted pretty well.  Only rarely fussy.  You seem to have gotten even more attached to your owl this month.  Perhaps it is because you are getting coordinated enough to move toward it and grab it when you want it.  Or perhaps it has been something that you recognize, even while we have been gone from home.  You like to hold its wings and either chew or suck on the feather tuffs that make it look like a horned owl.  You smile when you see it.  Ruth continues to be so proud that she "picked out" your owl.

Speaking of rolling with the punches.  This weekend you experienced your first full blown Primitive Baptist Church meeting.  We had service Thursday night, hard-shelling and fellowship over breakfast Friday morning, visiting all afternoon, service Friday night, service Saturday morning, a little break, and then communion Saturday night, and of course regular Sunday morning service before we flew home that afternoon.  You passed with flying colors.  You were fussy for you, but we are pretty sure that you are cutting some teeth.  Your gums are noticeably swollen, you are droolly, and have been chewing on a pacifier all day.  I had to get up and hold you standing or walk you some during Saturday night and Sunday service, but all in all you did well.  I am ready to get back into our routine here and hope your teeth stop giving you fits soon, I hate to see you so sad and inconsolable little girl, you are normally so happy.

I love you,

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