Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Letter to Ruth

Baby Girl,

Today you are 2.5 years old. Last year I said, I was looking forward to the conversation where I can understand you, and I have to confess I'm still waiting.  There are so many times where you are trying to tell me something and I cannot interpret what you are saying.  Neither can your mother or Britt.  Then you get very upset with me, when I try to guess, and guess wrong.  I will say the one word that is clearest - is the word "No!"  In fact you seem to like sayingnNo better than you like to breath sometimes.  You will lean over to me, tilt your head, and with a smile say "Noooooooooo" as long as you can hold it before taking a breath, only to repeat it again, after getting that breath.  Your favorite saying right now is a toss up between "Uhhhh" and "Me too!"  Anytime I say no, or explain why something doesn't work, you say "uhhhh" not in an ugly way, but in a disappointed, I'm-breaking-your-heart sort of way.  It's some more of those feminine wiles in action, trying to get me to change my mind, or the laws of nature to make something work for you.  Whenever Britt asks for something the next thing that comes out of your mouth is "Me too!"  Whether he asks for a cup, cookie, toy, or something else.

You still are connected at the hip to Monkey (who despite being pink, you have informed us is a boy).  I can't tell you how many times I've had to go downstairs after Monkey so that you can go to sleep - and boy do I HATE stairs.  The worst of it, is when Momma forgets Monkey at home when we run errands or to go to Church, you spend 30 mins crying uncontrollably.  Washing and drying Monkey is a whole other ordeal.  You drag it around on the ground, wipe your snotty nose all over it, and share food with it, even though Momma tries to keep it away from the table at meal time, and then you bury your face in your hands and cry the entire time that it's away from you being cleaned.  You have worn Monkey from a smooth satin and furry thing to a rough, faded, frayed creature that is bound to fall apart.

As you have grown so has your temper.  There are times when you get upset and there is no remedy, but you just have to gradually move on.  This of course can sometimes take hours.  Lately we've been working on you eating more variety of food than just bread.  While I try to fix food that you and Britt like, sometimes you just won't eat like you should.  This of course turns into a situation where I have to correct you, and "encourage" you to eat vegetables or meat.  You can get a real temper with me when we have these conversations, but you are getting upset less and learning to eat more.  Especially since watching Britt get desert for finishing his meal, while you are denied.

In this year you have learned to climb the stairs, get into things you shouldn't, and dance - for no reason, except that you hear music.  Your co-conspirator in crime in daily life is Britt.  You can play great one second, and the next have a spat over who has the right to a particular toy.  We know that at times Britt tends to take things away, but there have been other occasions were you have been manipulative.  You will scream over a toy that you never had in the first place, hoping that we will swoop in and award it to you.  I've had to give you some "instruction" on that.  Yet, for all the fussing, you and Britt still love to take baths together, and boy do you love that big tub we have now.  You both insist it is your swimming pool.  You both like to take showers as well, often inviting yourself into my shower on Sunday mornings.  You both still love to cuddle together at night.  

There have been several new changes this year.  Your newest big play toy is Kita.  She stays outside a chunk of the day, and during meals and in the evening she goes in her pen, yet you are always asking if it's time for her to come in, or get out.  We also moved to Indiana this past year, and you still like to go outside, though like Momma you don't care for the cold and the wind of winter, you would rather watch out the window or be outside all of 5 minutes before coming back in.  You tell us, "I cold" all the time, and walk around with a blanket pulled around your head, like Mother Theresa.  Another big change, is just how long your hair has gotten.  Your main goal each Sunday morning, is to completely mess up your hair before we get to Church, which really does a number on Momma's patience.

I guess, an important trait that I want to encourage in you is kindness and gentleness.  This isn't something I can exactly show you, but something I already see in you, that I hope you will grow.  You have a heart that can easily be touched by affection, or remorse.  I hope to cultivate your tender heart, I think this is a great quality that is important to have in life.  Whereas Britt is head strong and reactive, you tend to be more cautionary and deliberate.  You are even concerned enough to go and comfort Britt when he has gotten in trouble.  My hope is by encouraging you to be kind and compassionate to others in life that you will be a blessing to others not only in our family, but all you meet.

In the next year we are looking forward to you being able to undress and dress yourself, and to be potty trained (hopefully much easier than Britt).  It will be fun to watch you officially move past the baby stage, and become a big sister.  You are already such a caring soul.  On a regular basis, I look at you and see your great-grandmother, my Granna.  There is so much of her I see in your smile, your looks, your personality, and it makes me happy.  I love you, little monkey.


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