Sunday, February 10, 2013

5 Month Old Kita

Kita is 5 months old today.  It's amazing how much she's grown.  I put her on the scale with me the other day to weigh her.  She's up to roughly 25 lbs.  She's still a bit mouthy and nips a bit when she plays, but she's still a puppy.  She is getting a bit better about that.  The only other big problem we have is that she doesn't mind being crated, except at bedtime.  For a while she would howl.  She's mostly quit that, but she somehow is rattling the cage at night.  She doesn't do it every night, and even those that she does she doesn't usually go on all that long.  Sometimes though, she just keeps at it, until we have to move her crate into the garage, to keep from going crazy and get some sleep.
She's learned alot.  She's very reliable with sit and come.  She was making good progress with lay down too, but I didn't really work on it with her over the Christmas/New Year's break, so she's not doing so hot with that right now.  We've also been working on "go to bed" which we are having some mixed results with.  She listens to me most of the time, but I also reward her at bed time with a treat.  She doesn't listen to Gary so much, unless she just wants to go to bed.  I'm also needing to start work with her to sit when someone approaches.  She gets overly excited (especially when she's on her line in the yard), and begins bouncing.  She's getting some real height now to her jumping.  One of the training books I read, said it's alot easier to teach a dog what to do instead of a bad habit, rather than trying to teach them not to do a bad habit.  For example, teach a dog to sit when someone approaches, instead of trying to teach them to not jump.

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