Monday, February 18, 2013

40 Weeks with Baby #3

And today, marks our due date!

I had another non-stress test this morning, and everything looked good.  We appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers, but I'm not going to be posting any more updates on the pregnancy, or answering questions about it.  Of course we will let everyone know after the baby arrives, but the 45,000 messages a day asking if we are in labor yet, have we had the baby, how do I feel, are really unnecessary.  If we had the baby, you would know, we aren't going to wait a week to announce it.  Right now, we just want to relax and enjoy our little family until baby decides to arrive.  I still plan to help the kids post this week, but you won't be hearing from me again until our little surprise arrives.  Have a great week everyone!


lydia said...

This made me laugh. I can only imagine how annoying the comments and questions get. I'm not looking forward to that! We're praying for you and hoping it's not too much longer before your next update!

Dani said...

What's sad, is that some people seem to think that we would have the baby and just not tell them. Of course we will be calling and updating facebook when this one arrives. I don't know WHY people need to continually ask if we are in labor yet. I mean do you really think I would be hanging out online while I'm pushing out a kid?

Haha, crazy people. They just don't think.