Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My Doctor's Appointment

This morning we went to see the doctor, but not for Momma.  I had my four year check up, and Ruth had her 2 year appointment (almost 6 months late).  Momma says Ruth can tell you all about her's tomorrow, but I get to tell you all about my appointment today.  I was 40.5 inches tall, and 36 lbs.  "At the doctor's they checked me.  They used a cuff for checking my arm.  Then when Dr. Hippensteel came in she checked me and Brontosaurs.  We listened to his heart beat and our lungs.  Then she looked at my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.  Then she let me listen to her baby heart beat.  And she let me measure her belly like she measures Momma's belly.  She was a 6 and Momma was a 7 and Daddy was a 3.  Then we went to another place and they poked me.  I don't like shots.  It hurt, I don't want any more pokes."

Next we went to eat at McDonald's and played on the play place.  It was after breakfast time, but they had two biscuits so "Ruth and I both got to eat a biscuit, but not Momma and Daddy.  Then I got a haircut.  I sat on a bird, and I watched Dora.  She was a nice lady, and then we got a lollipop.  I picked brown (root beer).  Now I get to watch Jay-Jay the Jet Plane from the library.

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