Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Doctor's Appointment

"I like doctor.  She was nice.  She looked at my mouth, and my nose, and my hands, and I did talk to her.  I got markers and colored.  I don't like shots in my leg."

Ruth did pretty well with the doctor's office too yesterday.  Some things Britt did first like getting weighed and his height measured, so Ruth just did what he did.  She was 34 inches tall and 29.6 lbs.  For other things, she went first like getting her blood pressure checked, and letting the nurse check her pulse.  (She's had lots of practice with Britt doctoring her since Thanksgiving.)  The nurse gave the kids some markers to color with until the doctor came back.  Both kids got a few shots.  We let Britt go first, because I knew that I would never manage to pin him down after he saw Ruth get them.  So, when it was Ruth's turn she didn't want up on the table.  She did way better than Britt though.  She screamed way more, but was over it, by the time we got out to the car.  Britt was still complaining about getting poked and having to wear band-aids at McDonald's.  We also asked her about Ruth's speaking and walking.  At this age others should be able to understand 50-75% of what she's saying, and we don't think that people can understand anywhere near that much.  Since she has tons of words that I can understand (even if Gary can't), and since she understands what you say to her, she wasn't concerned.  Also, she said that her hip/knee/ankle was fine, and that her walking would continue to improve as she got bigger.  She said, if we wanted to look into it further we could talk with "First Steps" a program that would evaluate her to see how much, if any she was behind and do physical and speech therapy with her.  However, she said if she was her child she'd probably wait another 6 months and evaluate her again, before looking into that.  So, both kids got a clean bill of health, and we don't have to have them seen again, until next year for Britt, and for Ruth in 6 months when she turns 3.

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