Monday, June 04, 2012

We all have fun feeding the animals.

1-24-92, Danielle (6.5) holding Maghen (2 weeks old)
Ok, so I started today all productive like.  Gary and I worked on the chicken run until a little after noon, till it was just to hot and miserable to work on it any more.  Then we came in cooled off and ate some lunch.  After he left for Southwestern, I got started on some deep cleaning around here.  You know the stuff you don't want to do when the hubby is around to enjoy, and the stuff that it's about impossible to do with small children under foot.  Stuff like moving all the furniture to sweep and mop.  Cleaning the insides of things that no one sees anyway.  Thoroughly cleaning the guest room, even though we don't expect to have company any time before November.  You know, that sort of stuff.  However, somewhere between vacuuming our room, and putting clean sheets back on the bed I got distracted.
4-19-92,  Easter Sunday, Danielle is almost 7,
Matthew and Nicholas are almost 5, and Benjamin is 2.
Mother kept a filing cabinet with four drawers in it for years.  And each of us had a drawer.  She would save memorable school projects or newspaper clippings or pictures we drew in a big cabinet and toward the end of the school year.  We'd sit down and go through it, and she would take the best of those items and file it away in a manila folder ( I thought those things were called vanilla folders for years.  They are that color after all.)  Toward the end of last year, she decided to get rid of the old filing cabinet, and give each of us the stuff she had saved from school.  Each of the four of us got a black box full of stuff.  (Though I'm sure if you ask him, Benji will be convinced that he has less than the rest of us.)  Mother and Daddy brought mine down to me when they came down, back in April.  It's been sitting in the corner of our bedroom ever since.
Danielle (3 days shy of 7)
5-10-92, Mother's Day

By now I'm sure you are wondering where this is going, and what any of it has to do with the title of this post.  Hang in there, I'm getting around to it the long way.  So, like I said somewhere between the vacuuming and the sheets I got distracted.  I thought I might look a little through that box.  I pulled out my first grade folder and around progress reports and report cards and the like I discovered that Mother had kept almost all of the stories that we wrote in the Writing to Read Lab.  I don't remember who was over it then, maybe Mrs. Posey?  But I do remember that we got to go once a week.  We were suppose to type our name and the date, and then we got to write stories.  Most of the time on anything we wanted.  After we typed them up, we got to print them out and then draw pictures on them.  Every now and then the computers wouldn't work, and so we would write out our stories by hand.  I don't remember alot about that lab, except that I sat on the wall as you walked in the room, on the left about halfway down most of the time, and that the computers where those old green screen things.  I vaguely remember a story I wrote about having a farm, and maybe a pig named after one of my best friends WAY back then.  So, I started looking for it and here's what I found.

I had a good laugh after reading it.  It's a good thing I actually know my birthday and that my spelling has improved... a smidgen.  (Spell check is the greatest invention ever.  And whoever, in chrome thought to add it to the web browser was a genius.)  My husband's name obviously isn't Richard, I wouldn't use any of those three names for a kid, I'm still waiting on my horse, and I don't have a farm full of animals.  However, I did get almost ten eggs from the hens yesterday, and we do all have fun feeding the animals.

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