Sunday, June 17, 2012

Letter to Britt

I thought I was going to get away without writing your letter this year.  I thought Momma had forgotten, but she didn't.  You are 3 years old now, close to 3 1/2.  You've recently accomplished unlocking every door and deadbolt in this house, much to our worry.  I went and bought the answer to that problem, by going down to Lowes yesterday to get some chain locks to put up high, where you can't reach them.

Over the last few weeks, you've gotten your appetite back.  You are eating twice as much as you were, almost every meal.  That hasn't been the case since your sister has been around.  You particularly enjoy pancakes, poptarts, cheese, bacon, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets.  Getting you to eat meat is never a problem.  However, you still prefer your cup more than anything.

Your very favorite thing to eat is an Oatmeal Creme Pie, and we use those to reward you for using the bathroom.  Momma and I are both of the persuasion that you can use the bathroom, you just seldom want to.  We've not only been working on potty training, but getting you to get undressed and dressed by yourself.  Today that lesson resulted in you deciding to go and use the bathroom by yourself.  You went and locked yourself in the men's bathroom stall at Church, took off all your clothes, and somehow climbed up on the handicap commode.  You did use the bathroom, but Momma had to clean up a little as you missed some.

You made up your own song today, "The Apple Song" where you sing those same words over and over.  Over the last several months you've started making up your own games too.  You play out movies, reciting large portions of Jungle Book and marching around and singing like an elephant.  You even enact episodes from tv shows while they are on which you have watched many, many times.  You pretend to call me on the phone after Momma spanks you and you say, "Daddy, tell Momma not to be mean to me!"  You like to pretend to cook with Ruth's play kitchen.  You pretend to read books by looking at the pictures or remembering the story lines after Momma has read them.  You are always making up games that involve going under the table, sneaking around on your belly, and acting silly always with Ruth in tow.

There are times when you sing incredibly loud in your seat in Church of which we have video.  You sing the song, but not the actual words most of the time, though you are getting better about that part.  Just today, you decided you didn't like preaching anymore, and you just wanted to sing instead.  You are still very squirmy, but you are listening more and more in Church.

Every year, Momma makes me pick at least one thing that I want to teach you.  This year I wanted to choose to teach you to sleep in, but Momma says that doesn't count, so I'm picking patience.  Maybe this year you and I should both work on patience (and Momma too).  It seems that you have the ability to get in trouble quicker and faster than we can tell you no.  Hopefully we can try to control some of that temper, and you learn patience.  If you will ask permission before you jump into something we can avoid alot of problems.  If you can wait calmly as we get and do things for you there should be less fit pitching.  Maybe Momma and Daddy can work on patience too as we deal with your outburst.  Patience is an area that we can always improve on throughout our lives.

Maybe next year, we'll all be more patient, you'll be completely potty trained, and you'll be dressing your self completely without the help of Momma or Daddy.

Same time, same place, next year.
I love you, son.

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