Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Conversation About God

This past Sunday Britt followed and seemed to understand more of the sermon than usual.  When I asked him what was preached he said, "Brudder Chris preached on God's house. It was broken. They fixed it and said prayer."  Bro. Chris preached from Nehemiah about the rebuilding of the wall, and how no matter what work they did, they prayed first.  He talked about alot more too, but the part Britt was awake for I thought he followed really well.

Sunday night, I laid with him in bed a little bit and talked with him.  He wanted to tell me his Bible verses, and when he was finished he asked for a new one.  So I choose, "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee." Psalms 26:3.  After we went through it a few times, we had an interesting conversation I wanted to save.

M:  Do you know what that verse means.
B:  Yes.  No.  Maybe.
M:  It means that when we are scared we pray and talk to God and trust him, and he takes care of us.
B:  God loves us.  He takes care of Elisha Britt Cunningham.
M:  Yes he does.
B:  He takes care of Ruth and Momma too.
M:  Yes.
B:  Where is God's house?
M:  The church is God's house, we were there to day.
B:  Oh, does he sleep there?
M:  No, God doesn't have to sleep.
B:  He doesn't have legs either.
M:  Yes he has legs.
B:  Where is God now.
M:  He is everywhere.
B:  We need to find him.  It's dark outside.
M:  He's right here with us, right now.
B:  He is?  Where?  I not see him.
M:  He's in your heart.
B.  In mine heart?  He's in your heart too.  And Daddy.
M:  Yes.
B:  In my heart in my belly.
M:  Your heart is in your chest, under your ribs, where it's safe.
B:  Oh.
B:  Is he stuck?
M:  No.
B:  Help him get out Momma.  He might be stuck.
M:  He can come and go as he wants to.  He's not stuck.
B:  Ok.
B:  He's not a monster.  He's not a fan.  He's not an elephant.  He's not a .... (this went on a little while.)
M:  Nope.  What is he?
B:  I don't know.  I forgot.
M:  He's God, and he's man.
B:  He's a man too!
M:  Yes.
B:  He has two legs, and he can walk just like me, but he lives in my heart, cause he loves me.
M:  Yes.
B:  I like him too, Momma.
B:  He's going to take care of Ruth, and Daddy, and me, and you, Momma.  Don't be scared.  He loves to take care of us all day long.

At that point, I told him good night, gave him a hug and a kiss and left the room.  Sometimes I think my heart might just burst with love for that little boy.  I like these rare conversations with him.  It makes me think of the many nights.  I would lay awake in bed until Daddy came upstairs to check on us, and I would ask him a question about Church or God.  Britt doesn't understand it all yet, but then again, I don't have all the answers either.  But, I love to watch him learn.

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lydia said...

How sweet! I hope you are able to hold this memory close in your mind for many years to come! Remember these moments when you're having a rough day!