Wednesday, June 20, 2012


On June 5th while we were at Grumps and Ahna's house there was a transit where Venus passed directly in line between the earth and the sun.  Lots of people got together at one of the local schools with telescopes and stuff to check it out.  When Grumps got home from work, he pulled it all up on the computer for me and Britt to look at.

I yelled "Ball, ball!" the whole time. Grumps said that they are all pictures of the sun, that the different filters change the color. Britt says Grumps doesn't know the color of the sun, that only the yellow one was the sun. Grumps says Britt will be 120 and I will be 118 the next time Venus Transits the Sun. We will have to watch it with Grumps again. But, Grumps says that's not likely since he will be 170 when it comes back around.

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