Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going Fishing with Daddy

Last Friday, Daddy took us fishing.  It's been awhile, since we went with Mister, and Ruth has never been.  Momma wanted to take out the boat, but it's almost impossible for her and Daddy to get it back into Mister's truck after having it in the water.  Plus, Daddy wasn't excited about the idea of having both of us kids in the boat at the same time.

So instead of fishing in the boat, we fished off of the bank for a couple of hours.  I've been practicing throwing my fishing rod in the yard, and I've been getting better, but that didn't mean that I was always able to get it in the water.  I caught a stick and some moss, and alot of water grass.

When we first got to the pond, there was a great big bull gator that kept swimming back and forth in front of us, so Daddy made us sit way away from the bank on the picnic table, till Momma came back.  When she walked up in her Auburn shirt, he didn't like that orange and he went away, but a little gator came to watch us throw our fishing line a few times.

Right before we left, Daddy caught a big mouth bass.  It was too small to keep so we threw him back, but not before we looked him over.  Ruth kissed him once, but Momma didn't time the picture quite right, and she wouldn't kiss him again.  She did pet him alot though.  I wasn't interested in kissing no fish.  I don't care if you are suppose to or not.  (Momma didn't kiss him either just so you know.)  I did touch his back with my finger and he was slimy.  I liked watching him though.

We had a really good time fishing.

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