Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vero Beach

So we love to hang out with the Taylors. They are so good about coming to all of our special meetings, and other events too, so last time they were here we decided that some of us would plan a trip over to see them. Several of the folks hadn't seen the Atlantic Ocean so we decided a beach trip was in order. Unfortunately several folks were unable to go with us on Saturday, but those of us that went still had a great time.
Kelly, Hannah, Olivia, me, Gary, and Britt all left from the Abernathy household around 8:30 on Saturday morning and treked it on over to Vero. We met up at the Taylor's before we all went to the beach. As we walked up we saw a yellow and purple flag. The sign said that they meant caution big waves and danergous marine life, but Isaac informed us that yellow really meant fun and purple meant sharks, so it wasn't caution, but "Yeah! Fun Sharks!" It was a nice day, not too hot. Isaac and Gary, and Hannah and Olivia went WAY out and were jumping and playing in the waves. Which were pretty big. Kelly and I quickly decided that the water was way too cool for us, so we sat just in the edge and held Britt and talked. Sister Sherry and her three youngest had alot of fun running in and out of the waves.
We were out there about an hour and out of nowhere a storm came up, so we were all scrambling to get out of the water (well not Isaac and Gary, I think they had a death wish). Before we could get everything gathered up and get to the cars, it came a down pour. Britt who had been unhappy with the water and sand, was really unhappy when it started pelting him. He just squalled, poor baby. It came down hard maybe, maybe 5 mins. By the time we had all run through the wet sand lugging everything we owned and made it up to the cars, it quit.
We decided to just go back to the Taylors and we played in the pool some, and Bro. Chris grilled some hot dogs and we all had a great time just talking and visiting. Sis. Sherry, Sis. Kelly, and I all talked about homeschooling. Kelly's definately going to homeschool Joshua, but I'm not completely sold on the idea. Hannah, Olivia, and Isaac all sat around playing on the piano and acting crazy. Of course Gary and Bro. Chris were talking and mostly telling jokes. Of course being the PBs that we are, we had to do some singing. We had a great time visiting, and hope that we can go back to see them real soon. After all they come to see us so very much, it's only fair that we go and visit with them from time to time.

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