Saturday, June 20, 2009


I have been working out in the yard alot this past month. I enjoy outside chores much better than inside chores. I just get a sense of accomplishment when I can look out at the yard and see what's been done. Inside work is the opposite. It doesn't matter how often I wash dishes there are always more to be done. It doesn't matter how often I vacuum it looks the same. At least when I mow I can see that the grass has gotten shorter.
The first project that we tackled was the front steps. At the bottom of the steps were a bunch of uneven different size cobble stones. Everyone who has come up and down those steps since we got here has tripped at some point, so we pulled them out, leveled it, and put in pavers.The next project was to put edgers around the flowerbed from the car port to the steps, then from the steps around the corner and down the side of the house. This was a longer project, because I had to dig up all the weeds and grass that had grown into the bed. We also planted several plants, seeds, and I even moved the Monkey Grass around. I'm hoping to get some Tiger Lillys from Mother while I am home to put down the side of the house in between the Monkey Grass.I have been asked about the cats now that they are outside only. Mara seems to love it and she spends most of the day out and about. She is only home in the evening and early morning. In the heat of the day she lays in the pipe that runs under the road. Brodie on the other hand isn't loving it as much. However he has adjusted. He stays on the porch most of the day, and follows me around in the yard much like a puppy dog. However, once I crank up the lawn more, he hides under Troy's shed.
I get out in the yard for some peace and quiet around 9 while Britt is asleep, and the cats keep me company then. Later in the day when Britt and I go back out, he sits in the stroller and babbles at me, while Brodie is napping on the porch. Britt really loves it outside and he just looks straight up at the trees watching them move in the breeze or down at the grass. It always makes me think of the time that Daddy told Benjamin that the trees make the wind blow, and at 5 or so, he replied, "No, silly Daddy! The wind blows and makes the tree move." He used that afternoon in the yard to illustrate the same point the Lord did, that we have no influence on the movement of the Spirit of God, but just like the wind He goes when and where He pleases, and does what he wants without our influence.

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