Friday, June 19, 2009

Prayer Request

Baby Hailey Gowens - She had her heart surgery and is doing great! She stayed in the hospital for a week, and only had one scary bout with air in her chest. That little gal is a fighter and the Lord has been with her the whole way.

Baby Nate Ferrel - I'm going to have to quit calling him a baby soon, he's looking so big. He had a sleep test at the end of May, thank goodness everything looked prety good. He is havig some sleep apnea, but not CO2 or O2 problems. Nathan isn't sleeping right, but at least at this time he does not require any respiratory support at this time. He had a bit of an energy crash, but after a week of good naps was back to normal. He is doing great these days.
For spiritual growth in our Churches.

Little James Mizel - He had a hearing test, and he does not need tubes right now! He does have a little fluid in the middle ear so he'll have to come back in 3 months for a check up. Also he has started putting his left foot flat on the floor for about 20-30 seconds at a time. So right now they plan to keep working with him, and not go to braces or shots. He has finally had his OT evaluation. Right now they want to see him every other week for a couple of months to "watch" him, he is having a little trouble with his range of motion from left to right. But he is doing well.

Melissa Green - I have been unable to get an update on her, but I understand that she is still taking chemo.

Rebecca Hutchinson - Gary and I visited with Rebecca tonight, as they celebrated Gary turning 30. She has alot of shots every month, but is about the same. The great news is that the MS that they first thought was very agressive isn't getting worse.

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