Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daddy and Britt

Gary was alway amusing, but he is especially amusing with Britt. Before Britt ever got here, Gary would talk to him and sing to him at night. He would put his head on my belly and talk to him, and tell him that his mother was an evesdropper because I was listening to "their" conversations.

Now Gary just does stranger things with Britt.

He is constantly offering him food like steak and strawberries because "your mother doesn't feed you enough." He picks him up when he is crying and gets real stern and says you can do that any time except when I'm home. He is sings lots of Church songs to him, currently he is singing the verse, "When I was sinking down, sinking down..." Nothing abnormal except when he is walking with Britt and gets to the word sinking, they are dropping to the floor. Earlier tonight was the strangest thing I have seen him do yet. I came out of the bedroom from getting together clothes for the meeting this weekend, and find my son in his carseat sitting on the stove "helping" Gary cook. Even with the stove off, I'm not thinking this is a great idea. Gary then acted very put out with him after they were done, when Britt wouldn't high five him.

They are adorable to watch together. Britt gets real quiet and stares at him whenever he sings. Gary is much better at burping him so he does that after I feed him alot, and then they take naps together. I've even caught Gary running off with one of Britt's socks so that they can be alike even in that area of weirdness. (He claims that Britt did that on his own, but we all know better.) I love to watch and listen to them.


Anonymous said...

Cute video! Love the mohawk at the end. Yep, I shall call him, Spike!

Sis. Kimberly

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

The Dad's always teach the weirdness! The Mom's teach how to be "loving"!

Kelly Spezzano said...

1). I think it's only fair that your family start commenting on these posts since they insisted on getting you the video camera

2). I really am starting to agree with the rest of them... Spike is a super cute and super fitting nickname for Britt

3). Rather than commenting on the 2 other posts-
a). the professional pictures are so adorable! Cowboy Britt is my favorite!
b). the swing has been great for Joshua too (until he figured out that he can cry in that just as easy as he can in his crib- so now we only get maybe 10 minutes of quiet bliss) :(

sweet tooth said...

That is so sweet.Gary is a good daddy singing to he. And now I know who does his hair for church

Lori B. said...

Hilarious! Sounds like Gary is being a wonderful and involved daddy!!