Monday, February 16, 2009

Grandmother and Granddaddy Come and Visit

Grandmother and Granddaddy made it here on Wednesday and just left this morning. As Granddaddy said he came to "See and Hear, and I saw Britt and now I'm ready to hear good preaching." This weekend was the Florida Fellowship Meeting so they had two good reasons to visit, but more about the FFM later.Both of them were tickled to get to see him, but Grandmother especially so. She held him an aweful lot of the time, and everytime Granddaddy would tell her, "You're spoiling that boy!" Granddaddy didn't hold him as much because he said that he was too fragile that he would be more fun in a month or two when he could "wool him" or play rough.Grandmother was so much help with Britt. She held him while I got ready and changed diapers and rocked him when he was a little fussy. She helped with the dishes after we ate so that I could get him washed and dressed for Church. But there were a few times when we were both getting ready for Church, so Granddaddy held him and talked to him. Thursday evening before Church Britt was a little fussy, but we had to get ready. Granddaddy sat there and talked to him and he got quiet. Grandmother came out and wanted to know what he had done, and he just replied, "I charmed him." ha! We spent most of the time sitting around talking, with Granddaddy laid out in the recliner or on the couch and Grandmother holding him, but not all the time. Britt spent some time in his swing. Infact he slept in there most of last night, because he was super fussy, but that's a whole nother story.
We had a great time this weekend and even though Britt looked very tired heading home from Church yesterday, he was very good in Church all weekend. I'm glad we got to share the time with my grandparents and can't wait to see them in a month at the Gulf Coast Fellowship Meeting.

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sweet tooth said...

it was nice to meet you grandmother and father, they were really nice and fun to talk to.