Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Distraction Techniques

So I already have Britt spoiled, not all by myself mind you - Gary and grandparents and others have helped. He wants to be held all day, and who could blame him. He thinks life revolves around him, and it's easy to see why - we hold him entirely too much, but hey, you would too, cause he's just too cute. I had to inform little man yesterday that life doesn't revolve around him and when he wants to eat and sleep, but who am I fooling - certainly not him.

The bouncer and swing are a life saver though. The bouncer is only good as long as the vibrating part is turned on. When it kicks off, he immediately wakes up and it's no fun anymore. I suspect it'll be better when he's actually big enough and coordinated enough to bounce it himself. The swing on the other hand is pretty much a hit all the way around, except in the middle of the night, when the only rocking that will suffice is Momma or Daddy.

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sweet tooth said...

He really likes that swing.