Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gator Game Situation

Since the doctor's office seems to think that my wife will have Britt by Friday, and since everyone knows how much I love the Gators, and what I plan to be doing at 8 pm on Thursday; I have come up with a few ideas on what to do or say if my wife goes into labor before/during the big game...

Thursday she isn't allowed to have: Mexican food, chocolate, supreme pizza, or Castor oil. She also can't walk anywhere, must stay in bed.

Thursday morning, "How can you have the baby if I'm on my way to Miami?"

At 8:05 pm, "Honey I don't think that you are dilated enough/having close enough contractions/or whatever to go to the hospital yet."

"I was a Gator fan before I was a father. This game comes first." If she goes into active labor before halftime.

If we have to go to the hospital during the game, "Thank goodness there are TVs in the delivery room."

In case she makes me turn off said tv, "Honey, I'll be right back, I'm just going to get you some ice chips..."

For during the game after I turn the tv back on and take away her remote, "Honey, you can push during the commericals."

In case he really comes during the game, "But, I don't want to mess up my good Gator shirt!"

Just a couple of questions for our readers: Is it wrong to get more excited about a game, than Britt getting here? If he's born right after the game can we name him Gator Britt, instead of Gary Britt Jr. the III?


Anonymous said...

I said it in church, I will say it again, "Gary you are evil!" And I think the Lord is going to put you in your place come Thursday!

However, I will root for you as well while I am watching the game in peace!

And, oddly, I kinda dig the name Gator Britt Cunningham! Although Gary Britt Jr. the III has a nice ring to it!

Your Fellow Gator Fan

amber said...

I am ROLLING over here...you are too funny, GB. Of course he won't come during the game. He'll be too scared to pop his head out after hearing all the rip-roaring everyone will be doing as Florida rolls all over Oklanhoma. :)

But if he does come then, you would definitely have to name him Tim...or Tebow.

Kelly Spezzano said...

All I have to say is POOOOOR DANI!!!! I say have Britt anytime you want and throw up on Gary's Maryland Fried Chicken too! :P

Lori B. said...

Too funny!!! All I can say is, Dani, I feel sorry for you!!!! Be careful what this man teaches his son!! LOL :-D

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

I started pushing with Abbey right at the beginning of the season finale of the first ever "Survivor" series. I had some pretty ticked off nurses and that does not make for a happy delivery! I hope for Danielle's sake, Britt DOES NOT come during that time!

Dani said...

Daddy says if he comes on Thursday it will just prove that he is a true Auburn fan, because he won't care who isn't able to watch the game.

Benji says if he comes in the middle of the game he's definately an Auburn fan.

Mother says I'm doing on all the work, so you can get over missing one game.

sweet tooth said...

Gary how dare you say something like that.This is your first baby boy! Not the first gator game.
This is from Lydia and no, you better keep that TV OFF! when I come to see dani in the hostple.

To: Dani

I think Gary is going to be nervse
since its the First baby and will be turning the TV off alot. LOL!!!!!!!!.......

From: Lydia

beatrice said...

haha this is hilarious! i'm prayin for you dani! can't wait to see baby britt.