Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayer Request

A few new prayer request...

Elder Guy Hunt passed away today. He is finally at rest after a long struggle with cancer, but his family would crave your prayers.

Elder Buddy Abernathy was really under the weather last week. They are trying him on a new medicine.

Melissa Green has recently been diagonised with a rare form of breast cancer. It was a miracle that they even found it. They have put a port in for her and plan to start chemo very soon.

Heather and James Cunningham are having a baby girl. Today they had their 20 week ultrasound and saw a shiney place on the baby's heart. They aren't sure if it's something minor such as the heart isn't quite finished developing, or if it's a major problem for the baby. It could possibly even be a cyst or some form of cancer for Heather, they just don't know much yet. They will be doing a echogram in 2 weeks to get more information.

Continual Prayer list...

Baby Hailey Gowens is improving. She is up to 11 lbs now, and to the best of my knowledge they are hoping to be able to do heart surgery around her first birthday.

Baby Nate Ferrel is doing well. They still haven't gotten their test results back, but Nathan is nearly walking now.

Erich Wouters had his last Chemo treatment and they are optomistic that he is cancer free.

Florida Fellowship Meeting (Coming up Feb 12-15 and Little Union PBC)

For spiritual growth in our Churches.

Our President, our Armed Forces, and this Great country in which we live.

Parker Allen continues to show improvement. He is able to respond to questions, but still has a limited ablity to communicate.

Sis. Liz York had her baby, Charlotte Noel on 1/20. Everything went well; however, after they came home her mother was holding the baby and had a fall. Charlotte seems to be ok, but her mother was a little banged up.

Of course we had Britt last Thursday and all is well here. We appreciate everyone's prayers.


Jeremy Sarber said...

They all have my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

Other Mother said...

Thanks for adding Charlotte and I to your prayer list. We are both doing wonderfully! -Karen (Liz's mom)

sweet tooth said...

Thanks for the pary on daddy he is doing a little bit beter he seems to have more engery. And I will pray for everbody else to.