Monday, January 02, 2017

The Girls' Room

Last night after hanging the last of the items for the girls' room, I took pictures to share.


When talking with the girls about what they wanted in their room in the new house, both of them were very adamant that they wanted a purple room like they had in Pennsylvania.  Luckily for me, their taste are pretty similar.  Both of them pinned alot of sparkly things, feathery or fuzzy things, and anything super girly.  The only difference is Ruth wanted a pink and purple room, and Rebecca wanted a teal and purple room.  That was easy to do, since it all goes well together, and since they already had a blanket on their beds in their preferred colors.  One thing they were both very excited about from pictures was the idea of a chandelier with real crystals on it.  Memaw and I found one before we even moved at Home Depot, and picked it up.  We knew we had to take the ceiling fan down and swap it out, with having bunk beds in the room, so I decided to look for one they would like.  We didn't get it down before Rebecca got hurt, but Mister did get it swapped out for us, just before Christmas.  They both really love that they have their own bookcase, with a few shelves for books and a few for their things.

Ruth's shelf
Rebecca's shelf from her bed.
Rebecca on the top bunk.

Ruth on the bottom bunk.
Ruth's main request was for a faerie room, and Rebecca has started asking for her own faerie stuff.  So we made sure that we kept their faerie figurines, and Rebecca doesn't know it yet, but she is getting some little inside faeries for her birthday.  Ruth was especially excited with the faerie jar light that Sis. Lydia made for her before she came back from Alabama.  Aunt Joan found some cute whimsical butterfly, dragonfly and flower decals at the dollar store, that we added to their closet doors.  Ruth has the left side and Rebecca the right.  They just have clothes and shoes in there, but with the shelves Gary installed it's very neat.  We aren't having as much trouble keeping their rooms clean, since they have basically no toys in their rooms. They also really wanted Abigail's things in their room too.  I told them that they were going to stay on my self, but I let them have her birthday picture and the rabbit picture that I had planned to use over her crib, since we had a little rabbit taggie for her.

Amazing just how much better it looks than it started out isn't it?  Like Britt's room, paint did wonders, but I think the shades in place of blinds, that let lots of light in and the new over head light with bright clear bulbs help so much in comparison to the yellowish tint the room had before between the cream walls and yellow lights.


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