Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Half Way Through

1-9, 20 weeks, 2 days

I mentioned on Instagram when I shared my first pregnancy photo yesterday that I had wanted to document this pregnancy because with Abigail we had such few photos and posts. But, at the same time, I have been really hesitant about doing either. Not sure why.  I suppose for the same reason, I've drug my feet about buying anything for this pregnancy or for Kate.  For Christmas I got a 31 Bag gift card.  I had thought about buying a few more things for the house, but found that I had pretty much everything I needed, and thought instead I'd like to get a diaper bag.  During the outlet sale right before the end of the year, I ordered a few items on sale.  But even as I did I was think how I could re-purpose this stuff, if we didn't get to take Kate home with us.  Likewise by last week it was getting to the point that practically nothing fit, and I especially needed some dresses for the rest of this pregnancy.  A few friends mentioned that I should check out LulaRoe that it was great in that it would stretch for pregnancy, was super comfortable, and then would be fine after pregnancy, not permanently stretched out.  So on Sunday, I met up with a family friend who is selling it.  And I was so incredibly impressed.  All those ladies that told me I needed some LulaRoe for pregnancy weren't kidding. I might be willing to get rid of all my bluejeans. And I live in those.  I bought a few items, with the idea in mind, that they weren't solely for pregnancy.  I found a couple of skirts on sale online with Motherhood Maternity.  I had also planned to buy some nursing shirts last time, and managed to find some really nice ones at the best price around from Milk Nursingwear.  So I made took a leap of faith, and ordered them.  They came in this week, and they looked so nice, I especially like the look and feel of the nursing shirts.  Now I just need to get my mind together enough to find a new carseat, and see if there is anything else that we need to get this time around.

We had a good appointment yesterday.  Half way through, and no concerns so far, other than in my mind.  I got too see her heartbeat on the ultrasound and she was sleeping just like Ruth with her hand up by her cheek.  At one point, Raj (our ultrasound guy at the OB office) was trying to get her to shift so we could try to get a good 3D picture.  And all we got for our efforts, was her tilting her head back with a very big, very long yawn.  He laughed and asked did I see that yawn.  I told him it looked just like her big brother the day before in Church with his loud and dramatic yawns.  It was cute to see her do it.  He told me too, looks like she's going to be long legged.

12-21, 17 weeks , 4 days on our way to our gender ultrasound.

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MrsJOFCIII said...

Glad things are going well for little Kate, and we've been enjoying being able to pray for her by name now. I hope your peace of mind will grow...and I'm glad you're halfway to the point of being able to take her home and not wonder anymore whether you will. Praying fervently for that best outcome!