Friday, January 13, 2017

Laundry Room

The same night that Gary hung my blinds in the laundry room, he also hung the shelves and hooks back up in the laundry room for me.  So the tiny room, that should have been super easy and a fast one to finish, was one of the last ones on the priority list.

We ran into a couple of snags in this room.  The first was that somehow in the move our old washer had the dispenser tray break off.  It was already cracked, but when it finished breaking off, the washer was dumping all the water it pumped back behind the tub where the dispenser use to be.  Gary tried several things to force the tub further back, but when it started it's rotation it would stay back.  So, off we went to replace it.  We found the replacement for a good deal, but it took us a little time.  It was money hadn't initially planned to spend, and it left me washing clothes at the laundrymat or Mom and Dad's for a few weeks.

The other issue, is that the paneling in this wall moves back and forth quite abit, so I was a little worried about hanging the same shelves back up on the wall.  We tried the sturdy shelves from Mom and Dad, but the post that help them stay in place were just too long.  They wouldn't fit around the sink.  We debated keeping the sink or not.  Taking it out would give us so much more space in there for acutal storage, and as it is the water comes at little more than a trickle.  However, Aunt Joanna when they were here suggested taking some of the stone paint and giving it a speckled rock finish, and repainting the stand.  I like the idea, but I'd have to find some of the paint, and I'm not sure how much trouble it will be.  I also have a tough time fitting around the sink right now, with my pregnant belly.  So maybe that will be a project for down the road.

It took a little time to decide on a color.  I love the green/blue color that Bro. Chris and Sis. Lydia have in their house, but I wasn't sure how it would go with everything else in the house.  I also, typically have looked for cooler colors to make the space look bigger, but totally threw that out the window this time.  The color is the same as the office, though it looks a little different in here, due to the paneling.  When I was painting this space, I was a little worried, with less light it looks more crimson.  A color that I'm not fond of as an Auburn fan.  But I think it all turned out very nice.  Despite again, not being quite the shade I was initially going for.

So with the original shelves cleaned up and hung back up and some of the hooks hung back on the wall, it looks pretty neat and organized.  At some point I might like to find a pin board to hang over the drier.  I have some papers on how to wash my LulaRoe, and a cheat sheet for more Norwex projects that I'd like to be able to hang up and not have to shuffle through a stack of papers to find, and that's when I'm not knocking them behind the hot water heater and trying to climb under the sink to reach them.  There's not tons of room on laundry day.  I typically leave the folding door open and have my piles in everyones hampers, some inside the door and some into the hallway.  But it's not a big deal.

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