Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dining Room

We finished up the dining room on Monday.  The last thing Gary had to do was to hang the three blinds in the window.


I mentioned in the kitchen post that I used this blue grey color in all of the common areas.  It looks a little different in the dining room area.  For one thing there is more light in there and for another about half of the room or so is paneling instead of the heavily textured drywall that's everywhere else in the house.  The paint looks a little different on it.   But like so much of the house, a clean coat of paint and white, white trim does wonders for it.

The other thing that totally transformed this room was taking out the huge cabinets.  I already mentioned that I have used the 6 bookcases around the house.  They were all painted white.  There are two in the girl's rooms, and of course you saw the one in our room.  We took the back off the fourth and put it in the bathroom.  The last two are in the living room area.  The cabinets are holding kids toys on the back porch now.  The wall was really open without the cabinet overwhelming the space.  Of course with the fridge sitting in here, it's a little bit unbalanced looking now.  I love all of the space in this room though.  We can pull all the chairs out from the table and still have plenty of room to walk around.Right now I have nearly all the school stuff in the big cabinet in this room.  I've thought about trying to add one more shelf inside it to hold a few more small things.  Especially since the larger section is really bigger than it needs to be.  I still really love this cabinet.  It looks nice and it closes up to hide all that STUFF.  I have a couple of items out next to it, that I need to be able to get into.  Would rather have them out of sight too, but I don't have some place else readily in mind to put them.

One of the odd things about this room is that they cut a hole in the wall to plug the microwave into an extension cord to plug it in on this side of the wall.  This is the wall that we want to take out.  For now though I have the chess table and a couple of chairs there. I also have the kids school posters up there for the time being.

Other than that I just have the china cabinet and my spoon racks up as usual.  I also hung two of the shelves and placed some of the glasses we've collected around the country over the years on them.  Gary has often complained that I keep those glasses that he likes tucked in the bottom of the china cabinet so I thought this was a good way to display them.  The table was especially pretty at Christmas.  Now it just looks a little plain, and I'm trying to think of what to do with it. 

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