Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley

I have a friend, his name is Flat Stanley.  And yesterday, Momma took him and us to see a play about Flat Stanley.  The story started out like this, "I wish I could be super hero."  Flat Stanley was singing about doing something like "the world never seen before."  So he wished on a shoot star to be a super hero and do amazing things.  And the light twinkled on his bed, and then the bulletin board fell on him while he was sleeping, and it made him flat.  He felt like it was a curse because some people weren't nice to him and he got stuck in a tree. Then he singed another song in the tree.  Then Flat Stanley goed into an envelope and went to another place.  He went to three places.  First to California to go to see his friend.  Then to the art museum (the Louve) and he saved the day when the pictures got stolen.  Last he went to Hawaii and did a wave thing, pretending he's a surf board in a movie.    It was super long.  I liked it alot.  Flat Stanley liked it alot too, I held him the whole time so he could see.  The End.

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