Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Game Balls and Scored Runs

My last two games have been the best games so far.  Last Monday I got a game ball.  It was my first time getting a game ball.  I got it because it was the first time I got on base this season.  I feeled great, but not too great, not like mean to the others.  when I came home, I put it on my desk by my t-ball trophy and my t-ball picture.  Momma was proud.  And Memaw and Mister and Grumps and Ahna were there cheering too.  And Lilli, Ruth, and Rebecca, and Daddy saw it too.  It was so great.  Then we went home for supper.  I got my free Dr. Pepper to have with tacos and we all went swimming.

Last night, I didn't just get on base, but I made it all the way to home plate.  The catcher could not get me out.  I think he was tired of seeing me hit the ball.  I feeled great when I scored.  My team was so proud.  I scored the 12th point.  The final score was 12-3.  For most of the game, the other team got 0.  It was a miracle.  But alot of my team worked hard.  My coaches were proud and all of us had fun.  Daddy got me some cheese fries and a hamburger after.  Then after I waited an hour after my food we went swimming again.  It was super fun.

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