Friday, April 29, 2016

My Letter to Ruth


Happy Valentine's Day!  Only 2 months late this year.  It looks like you are getting bigger and smarter every day.  It seems like you are keeping up in school, particularly in reading. You seem to really be getting along in homeschool with Momma this year.  I guess it really does kinda help, that you and Britt are so close in age.  Momma can focus on teaching you both the same thing, at the same time.  It seems that you, for the most part, enjoy school.  It's nice that you and Britt have your own school room, all to yourself now.  Even though I think your biggest distraction is the swimming pool on the other side of the window.

Now that it's getting really hot, you are really starting to enjoy the swimming pool on a way too regular basis.  Normally I can get you to leave the floaty alone in the shallow water, so that you can stand up and work on swimming alone in the shallow end.  But I guess you will go at your own pace.  You really enjoy swimming with your floaty all over the pool.

We've had alot of changes since last Valentine's Day.  We've had a few major changes, where we live, the type of job Daddy has, and the loss in our family.  For the most part I think you have enjoyed moving back down to Florida.  You are able to spend time with your cousins, and enjoy the new big house we are living in at this time.  You get to enjoy fishing with us having a canal in the back yard.  We have a great neighborhood with a park, just two doors down.  We added something else new this year, t-ball.  Your last game was on Monday.  You had a good time.  Sometimes t-ball is difficult to watch and enjoy, but it was great to see the effort you started to play with fielding the ground balls hit do you.  To see you run all the way to your base, though sometimes I think you were more jogging than running real hard.  I'm happy that you started to enjoy it, having fun learning the game.  Of course we will need to teach you to run the bases, without holding on to the helmet on top of your head.  You also got all the toys, with a new baseball bat and glove and shoes.

Well it seems like you are growing and changes will start happening on a regular basis.  Soon you will be able to read on your own, and maybe start riding a bicycle, or swimming without any help.  Another change we hope to see in you over this year is the trait of self control.  Self control is easier said than done, but it is a very important tool in your life.  I know that you are only 5 years old, but to have self control to not be argumentative and out of control with your anger will be helpful in years to come.  It is not only your actions, but also what you say and how you say it.  Sometimes the hardest part of self control is your tongue, the attitude that gets you in trouble and hurts other people.  With you being the middle child, it will be your benefit to have self control.  You are not the oldest and you are not the youngest, so you don't use those things as excuses.  You can either be a help to your brother and sister, or you can be a hinderance to one another.  Another important part of self control is attitude.  There are things that will happen, most things even that you can't control, but your attitude and your outlook, the patience and understanding that you have you can control.  They can make life easier and fun or with out them make life miserable and difficult.

Ruth, I love how  you are still Britt's best friend, that most the time y'all are thick as thieves.  You are still trying to show affection to Rebecca.  It's weird that your new hobby is catching lizards, which is great Momma has someone to take care of those things that get in the house.  Ruth I can see that you are a very sensitive and loving soul, and I hope you continue to nurture that.

I love you,

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