Wednesday, April 06, 2016


On Saturday, I sowed lots of buttons.  Two buttons.  They were pink and orange.  I used a real needle that was pointy and sharp for the buttons.  And the bigger kids got to sew dresses with sewing machines.  I liked it because there was even a little plastic heart I was making.  I learned how to stitch a button on,  I made a running stitch in that thing in my hand there.  I made zig zags too.  I was using pink for the heart.  I like to sew, because it is fun.  One day I'll get to make a big one like Momma's sewing kit.  I want to sew my own stocking too or a dress.  I'm going to go to town, and use some of my spending money and money from Ahna and buy me a little sewing kit to start.

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