Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Faeries Have Arrived

The faeries moved into my faerie house.  They built a little fence.  They also made a little tiny faerie tree that is orange.  That first day they arrived they brought a faerie note.  They used glitter and pink words and wrote my name.  My faerie's name is Nettle Willowdancer, and her sister came with her.  Her name is Juniper.  And they hung curtains in the faerie house cause it would make it shady in the day since they are nocturnal.  Another day they brought blue marbles and some diamonds that make tiny rainbows.  The made a path with them.  Sometimes when they walk they leave pink faerie dust.  I write faerie notes and pictures and they answer me back.  And both of the little faeries can count to ten, I know because I asked them.

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