Tuesday, April 05, 2016

King of the Mountain

Last weekend, I went with Memaw and Mister to Granddaddy Garland's house.  The mound of dirt was fun.  There is a mound of dirt because they used a kind of tractor and a wheel burrow to dig.  They dug a hole, to put in Granddaddy Garland's swimming pool.  It became a pile of dirt.  The first day, Ruth and Rebecca played in the mound with me.  The second day I had to play alone.  Memaw got Mister's special spoon and a bunch of tractors for me to play with.  I pretended I was king of the mountain.  I was fighting for my mountain castle, like the dwarves in the Hobbit.  I had a special spoon, so that when I threw it, and I put my hand out, it would come back to me, like Thor's hammer.  I fought a great battle.  Then I took a pause and got a drink of Mister's big bottle of coke.  Then I put my gloves on and went back on the mountain.  I helped them with the construction part a little, I gave them the instructions when they needed it.  When there was lightening I was on the mountain, so Mister said to get all the toys and leave.  I got almost all the tractors, and the spoon.  And I accidently left my gloves.  I put an x there, but it washed away in the rain.  I had a good day with Mister, and I even got to eat a few oreos with Granddaddy Garland.

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