Thursday, February 05, 2015

My Rockin' Horse

Granddaddy made Momma a rocking horse for her first birthday.  She has let Britt and Ruth play with it, and just about the time I was big enough Britt had rocked to the point that the neck was getting wobbly.  So Grumps and Ahna loaded all of us and the rocking horse up in the car, and carried us to Alabama for a visit back in July.  There was just one problem, the rocking horse didn't come back with us.
Well, Granddaddy and Grandmother came up for a visit.  They got here last Friday, and brought MY rocking horse with them.  Granddaddy added a HUGE bolt to it, and said that neck should never move again, and that's a good thing, because I have been riding it like I'm one of those bandits heading for Mexico in the movies.  I've also made really clear that no one else gets to ride MY rocking horse.
Granddaddy says it's held up pretty good to be almost 29 years old now.  And that it oughta last another 29 years.  Who know, Momma says, maybe I might give it to my little girl one of these days.

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