Sunday, February 22, 2015

2 Years with Rebecca


Happy 2nd birthday little girl!  How much difference a year makes.  You have grown to be more and more and more like me, and now prefer your Daddy mostly.  You are a busy body convinced that you are as big as everyone else is.  There is nothing that they try that you don't want to try.  You trail behind them into any adventure.  When they do their school work, you pull out a coloring book and sit with them at the table.  You just adore Britt.  You enjoy dancing with him, and sneaking into his bed at night.  Ruth enjoys having someone to sit and play dolls with.  And dolls seem to be your very favorite thing to play with.  You are most always rocking or feeding one.  You wrap them up in blankets and tuck them in on the couch.  You push them around in your stroller and take their shoes on and off.

You started finally talking some the beginning of December, we don't understand alot of it yet, but you will attempt or answer most anything.  When you started speaking it was all at once.  No, of course remains your favorite word and default answer.  Your sing though is just terrible.  Oh it's so funny to listen to you.  One of your favorites to sing is "Let it Go" and nothing other than the phrase "let it go" and the word "anyway" is understandable, and it's painfully off key; BUT you make up for your lack of talent in ear splitting volume.

You are currently my best eater, though you are getting a bit more picky.  Your favorites remain every kind of fruit known to mankind.  You have grown alot in height recently.  I have had to pack up a few 24mon dresses as too short.  I'll be curious to see what the doctor says at your check up on Tuesday.

It has been fun to see your personality develop this year.  You have your own ideas and preferences, and don't just go with the flow.  You won't hesitate to tell everyone that you aren't going to play that way, or tell them that they have to watch Minnie Mouse now.  You are high strung and demanding.  And you can't be coaxed into loving on us, but when you decide to give hugs, you give the absolute best hugs.  You are more reserved around people that you don't know than Ruth, but not so much as Britt use to be.  You take time to warm up, but love to play games when you have.  You are your own person, and we love watching you grow. We pray that as you grow that you will grow in grace.  Be your own person, but don't be ornery just for the sake of being ornery.

We are looking forward to seeing what the next year brings.  We are just beginning to try potty training since you seem interested, and we are planning a few fun "field trips this year".  And who know what surprises the next year will hold.  No matter what, always know, Daddy and I love you very much.


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