Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Post

We played in the snow today.  Today I found a collectable (that's something you find)  I found it in the snow.  And I used it in Daddy's shelter from snowballs.  I put it in the very top.  I called it Point Rock, cause it had a point at the very top.

I threw snow at the basement door outside, because I thought it would be fun. I also built a snowman, but I accidently knocked it down.  It didn't even have the head on it yet.  Later after that work, Daddy and Ruth and a little bit Rebecca helped build the snowman. He got home before dark today.

Then we had hot cocoa.  It was so good.  Now we are in the house and typing to you.  Today was pretty good.  So how was your day?  Good?

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