Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Lots of snow is outside.  We have alot of fun outside.  One thing we built was a snowman.  Our snowman was named Olaf.  First we rolled it, but it didn't work.  Then we used a bucket.  We put it somewhere in the snow, and Daddy and Momma used the shovel to put the snow in the bucket.  Britt and me stomped inside the bucket, to get it flat.  Then when it was all flat, then Daddy dumped it on the drive way.  We did it three times to make our snowman tall enough.

We made his head with the red bucket.  That was terrible, cause it was little, but my head is littler than the rest of my body.  Then I found the hair and nose.  Britt found the arms.  Then we both looked for rocks for his eyes and mouth.  Britt and Ruth found them.  Momma put that part on.  Us give him some warm hugs.  Britt tried to move his arms like Elsa in the movie, but Daddy told him he would break them, because it wasn't magic snow like Elsa.  I wish us could put some magic on him so he could come alive.  And then after all that we went inside for Rebecca's presents and cake with snow cream.

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