Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just Dance Kids

Rebecca had her doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  She's creeping back up on the chart.  She's still on the small size for her age, but she's a feisty thing in that small package.  She gave us all a workout, fighting us, as we were trying to get stats on her.  She weighs an even 26 lbs, and is 32.75 inches tall.  We talked about her still being a bit bow legged and the in-toeing (almost all of which is her right foot from the knee down).  They want me to watch it and re-evaluate in 6 months.  We also talked about testing for food allergies, but decided to just test Ruth first, since she is by far the worst of the three kids, and we've done about all we can ourselves to rule out other issues.  She's a handful of a two year old.

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