Friday, January 17, 2014

Ruth's First Day of Pre-School

Ruth: "Me read a book about snowmans. Then me eat some cake cause everyone get hungry.  Then me do so more (unintelligible)."

Momma: "You did what?"

Ruth: "Wook at my liws, me do so more school. Me make two pictures, a snowman and a sun."

Momma: "How did you do it."

Ruth: "Me drew circles and added colors. And me glue a (more unintelligible words)."

I asked what only to have her admently say the same unintelligible word over and over interspersed with "look at my lips!" So I then asked her how she liked her teachers.

Ruth: "Ms. Elyse has boo-ti-ful black Rapunzel hair." (aka long hair) "And I like that other lady with a pretty scarf."

Momma: "Did you make some new friends?"

Ruth: "Maybe, but me don't know their names or anything."

Momma: "Did you like it, do you want to have school there again?"

Ruth: "Yes, it was so much fun to play."

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