Thursday, January 23, 2014

11 Months with Rebecca


Little doll you were 11 month's old yesterday.  I decided to wait a day on your post, so as not to "steal" your brother's thunder.  So much to record since I was unable to write your letter last month, there was just way to much activity so close to Christmas.  Even though I couldn't stop to write, you didn't stop growing.  I think I will pack up the 6-9 month clothes soon and pull out the 9-12 month clothes.  Several things seem to be a little tight in length, and a few of your outfits are now showing off your growing little-biggy belly.  You are wearing size three diapers, and I imagine you will be for some time.  You still only have 6 teeth, but have been rubbing across your bottom teeth and gums alot lately, and starting to grind your teeth again, so perhaps some new ones are about to come through.

The biggest change has been that you have very good balance and will stand up in the middle of the room, or let go of furniture and stand for long periods of time now.  You have excellent balance until you get very excited about something and down you topple.  You took your first step and fall the day after Christmas, but on the 8th you actually took intentional steps.  This is a new trick that you are practicing often and everywhere - the house, Church, co-op.  I have learned not to call to you to encourage you, because in your hurry, down you plop and off you crawl.  You are working at walking for the sake of walking, not because you are actually trying to get somewhere, as crawling is still so much faster.  The most steps I have seen you manage is 8 so far.

Since your last letter, we've celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.  You loved seeing all of our family.  You adore being held by everyone, and playing with anyone who will take you, or who will allow you to play with shiny jewelry.  You are a little more attached to me, and typically want me to hold you after a while, or when you get tired, but the separation anxiety has passed.  You did pretty well traveling - sleeping for long periods in the car, and babbling with Britt the rest of the time.  Your favorite toys are two presents from Christmas - the little puppy Aunt Ree gave you (that much to your dismay got left in Florida) and your new owl taggie.

The lack of routine didn't bother you so much as the others, but it has left us a little out of sorts since we've been back home.  It's hard to plan going out when I'm not sure what kind of day you'll be having.  Some mornings you revert back to the old routine where you take your morning bottle between 8 and 9 and then go back to sleep until 11 when you get up, eat lunch, have another bottle, play until 3:30 or 4, go down for a nap with a bottle, get up around 7, eat supper have another bottle, and then play till around 10 before heading to bed.  Other mornings you stick to the loose semi-routine that has developed in the last month or so of traveling and chaos where you take your morning bottle between 8 and 9, get up and play till 11, eat lunch take another bottle, go back to bed until 3:30 or 4, get up and take a bottle, play till supper between 6 and 7, then go to bed with a final bottle.

You love to eat.  I mean really love.  Your favorites are still fruits and veggies.  It's so nice to have a child that likes that stuff.  The other two, got real picky about them when we went from purees to real food.  You especially liked olives and blueberries, though they both result in the WORST diapers.  One day last week, after eating a little sausage and stewed squash and zucchini for supper.  Then, you ate all the left over rice, sausage, squash and zucchini, then you finished what Britt and Ruth didn't eat.  Then you ate an entire roll.  When we were out of food, you came in the living room and saw Daddy finishing up his food, and started demanding more all over again.  I'm going to have to start you on a third meal soon.  I'm hoping to go ahead and start you on a sippy cup soon.  I have been putting it off, since you can't really hold up your bottles, but I want you off of a bottle by 1.  Plus, I think I might start you on a little juice this month, and I definitely don't want that in a bottle.

You are doing a little better during Church about sitting and not fighting me on the bench.  I often hand you off to your Daddy during preaching, you seem to be stiller with him for the most part.  Plus that lets me make a few sermon notes, so that I have them for loading the sermons to the website later.  You still don't like to sit for long periods of time.  But, I have noticed that on days that I hold you, while reading the kids their school books for the day, you are getting better about sitting still in my lap.  (Even though you are attempting to turn pages faster than they can be read.)  You still need very little discipline on a daily basis, Daddy and I disagree on whether you get into less trouble or whether our standards have dropped.  Most of the time a stern look, shaking my head, and telling you "No-no" is enough to make you stop... at least until I walk away.

You continue in your adoration for your brother and sister, and your curiosity for the dog.  You have discovered the dog water dish, and I really have to watch you in the kitchen to keep you out of it.  Kita has finally learned when you are loose in the floor, that she is to lay down.  We now allow her to be off the lead with you in the room.  She's progressed alot in her training.  She's very patient with you, letting you crawl up, and lay across her like a pillow.  We are currently trying to get her to not lick all over you.  It might be a lost cause, but you don't seem to mind.  You are definitely buzzing your lips, in an attempt to say Britt now.  He LOVES it.  You have added one other word to your repertoire - pop.  We were eating popcorn one night, when Britt kept trying to tell you what it was called, you popped your lips back "pop" and now use that word from time to time for all food.

I am excited to start thinking about your birthday.  Though, I am a little sad that we can't have a big party with your family and our friends, like with the other two.  It was so much fun to celebrate and thank the people that helped us survive the first year of baby.  We love to watch you grow and learn.  We love to watch your excitement for the simple things.  We love you so much little bit, and thank God for you.


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