Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Christmas Elves

The kids especially enjoyed having Christmas Elves this year.  I have more pictures in a public album on facebook, but here are some of the highlights of the year, along with a video of the kids finding the elves the morning they were on the zipline, and some pictures of the kids telling them good bye.  I really enjoyed watching Ruth with this.  We've not done Santa in the past, but this seemed too fun to pass up.  Our elves were teaching "teamwork, not fighting, and encouraging good manners."  Britt a few times asked if they were real, and I would just ask him if they look real, and he would say "yeah, but are you sure?"  I just answered "Well they look like they are watching us, and they move every night."  He is a little skeptical, but I did catch him talking to his elf several times, and he hugged him bye.  (If you are wondering how we dressed them up and made them so they could be posed, you can look back here.)

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