Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Years with Britt

Britty Boy,

I have gone back and reread the last 4 letters I have written you as well, as spent a rediculous amount of time looking at the pictures from just after you were born.  You were so tiny, so dependent on us, and we couldn't help but be filled with wonder of this everyday miracle - the birth of a child - that had come to us.  I will confess that I might have been slightly teary eyed when thinking of how much you have changed, and how fast the time has passed.

You have really blossomed this year in so many ways.  Really starting within a few weeks maybe a month of turning 4 we started to see so many changes in you.  You were all of a sudden completely potty trained during the day, not even needing reminders.  By March you had turned into a chatterbox, and you've not stopped talking to anyone and everyone since.  You really matured by April, and quit needing a bagillion reminders about EVERYTHING and started seeing things that needed doing and actually pitching in.  End of July or so you had your first dentist appointment.  In August when Ruth was potty trained, you up and decided that you didn't need night time pull ups any more and just went cold turkey.  We began homeschooling in September and you have been so very excited with it.  It has been a transformative year for you, and I would have never been able to guess how much you would have grown this year.

You have so many questions, and are eager to learn about everything.  The first topic you picked for school was dinosaurs, and we spent 3 whole months learning about around 20 different dinosaurs.  I learned more than I ever thought possible.  Anytime you asked a question about something different, that I couldn't answer, you would say well maybe we will learn about that next in school.  We are currently learning about stars, a passion Grumps shared with me that I'm excited to share with you.  You talk all day long, but especially when we are in the car.  You chatter about everything that comes into your mind, I no longer have to wonder what is going on in there, because there is nothing you keep to yourself.  I have shared a humorous story with several others, that has happened quiet often now.  You will be talking away 90 to nothing, asking questions, posing answers, not really expecting answers or giving anyone a chance to reply, talking about whatever comes to mind, when all of a sudden I will realize that the car has grown quiet and that you stopped in mid sentence.  I can check the rearview mirror only to discover that you have passed out mid sentence.  You only sleep these days in the car seat.

Of course you acquired a new sister this year.  You are as tender and caring toward Rebecca as you always were toward Ruth.  You go out of your way to get her toys or her taggie.  You are good about sharing with her.  Letting her play with your dinosaurs, and rushing in to pick up any toys that might be too small for her before she can devour them.  You often ask to help feed her, and are great at entertaining her.  She loves to hear you sing, even better than hearing your Daddy sing.  She smiles for you more quickly than anyone else, and she began attempting to say your name by buzzing her lips very early.  Her fourth word I guess after ma-ma, da-da, and bye-bye.  You certainly seem to enjoy the role of big brother.

The bond you have with Ruth continues to amaze me and your Daddy.  I didn't have such a close relationship with any of my brothers, but we weren't as close in age.  Daddy says that isn't it either, as he and Aunt Manna weren't as close as you two.  It's something special you share.  The two of you are in seprable, and last week, you weren't thrilled to discover that she was in a different class at coop.  You both play the same games, and have wonderful imaginations.  She really admires you and wants to do whatever you are doing.  You are very protective, and I often hear you promising to sneak her desert when I have told her that she can't have any.

Until the last month or two you have always insisted that she (or occasionally one of your toys) is your best friend.  Now you often tell me that Christopher is your best friend, and you have loved finally having a boy your own age to play with.  The two of you can get wild, the way that only boys can when they get together, but it cheers my heart to watch you.  You have also found a really good friend at the library, Steve, who is about your age.  Over a month or so, I watched you learn to share and take turns, and get pretty good at it with minimal intervention from me (or Steve's mom).  Like I've said, you have grown so much this year.

Perhaps what is most amazing to me is to see how real God, Church, and spiritual things have become to you.  I don't feel like I have spent that much time reading to you, or working with you on these things, and perhaps I would never feel like I have spent enough time on these things.  You have learned a number of bible verses in the last two years, and some rather lengthy ones this year.  More and more I can remind you that God would not be happy with your attitude or ask you to repeat a Bible verse back to me, and you straighten up your behavior.  Fixing the actual attitude is something you still need to work on (but don't we all).  You often talk about God, about Church, asking questions about heaven or different Bible stories we've read or related to you.  You listen when I read to Daddy on the way to Church and ask questions from time to time.  You remember an astonishing amount of the lessons I try to impart, or that I point out in the sermons that we hear.  Most endearing is listening to you pray.  You have been praying for a baby brother who will sleep with you for months.  Not only at night now, but at lunchtime, too. Since explaining to you that we can't choose what the next baby will be only God does, I've overheard you talking to God when you are in your room alone, telling him that you want the next one to be a boy, and saying, "I know you can arrange that."  You have taken the basic prayer that I grew up with and taught to you, and you have added so many.  You pray for your best friend Christopher sometimes two or three times in one prayer.  You pray for others we talk about being sick, something that I didn't really prompt.  To see your concern and empathy for others, sometimes moves me to tears.  You told Ms. Shannon last week at co-op that you were praying for baby Jacob in her belly who is sick.  I can see that the Lord has already worked in your heart, and hope that you will one day desire to unite with the Church, and that these things will always be dear to you.

I am sure that this year will hold many new first as well.  You have asked to play baseball, and we plan to find a team this spring.  You have been working with Kita, but you are asking to do a class at "dog school" on your own with her this year.  Perhaps this summer.  You also want to learn to play guitar, fiddle, and banjo.  Your Daddy has brought his first guitar back from Florida, and you are beginning to experiment with it, before we commit to getting you an instrument of your own.  You have asked to learn your favorite song first, "The Smile on My Face"  (Allison Krauss's "When You Say Nothing at All").

There aren't enough words to tell you just how dear you are to us, little man.  We love you and pray all of God's blessings upon you.


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