Friday, January 17, 2014

Britt's First Day of Kindergarten

I thought it was a little scary, because everyone was so loud.  First, I played animals like African elephants in the Ark.  Then we went to a big room to have a little school. I covered up my ears because it was so loud, but they talked about Abraham.  Then I played in the park. I made a new friend Isaac there.  Then Momma made me go to my class - Kindergarten.  I didn't want to go in there, it was scary. Everyone is loud together.  They read me a book, about gloves (Jan Brett's Mittens).  I made a pretty mitten. Then Momma cut it out, and we taped them together with a string.  Then I threw it away, but they wanted them so I got it out of the garbage and put it in Momma's purse.  I sat in the floored a matching game with all the animals in the books we read. Then I got a snack of camouflage cookies. I liked it after all. Momma told me to tell Ms. Mindy and Ms. Laura thank you. I did and I gave Ms. Laura a hug, but I told Ms. Mindy she could have a hug later. I think I might go again, it was ok after all, and a little fun.

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