Monday, October 21, 2013


Momma:  Why do we say prayer?
Britt:  Because God told us to.
Momma:  Why does he want us to do that.
Britt:  Because it's talking to him.  To ask blessings from the Lord.
Momma:  What kind of things do you pray about.
Britt:  I ask for him to be there, so I wont be scared at night.  I want him to sleep in the bed, so I ask for a brother to sleep with me.  I ask him alot of times, but he didn't even give me one yet.  Why is he not going to give me one very soon?
Momma:  What other kinds of things do you pray for?
Britt:  That God would protect my toys, and send me gingerman cookies.  I ask Him to take care of people like Momma, and Daddy, and Rebecca, and Ruth, and myself, and Kita, and Christopher, and Hannah, and Leah.
Momma:  Is it important to pray?
Britt:  Yeah, it's super important.
Momma:  What does God do while we pray?
Britt:  He talks to us in our heart, I feel him in there. Is he in everyone's heart?
Momma:  In all of his children.
Britt:  Is he in bad guy's hearts?
Momma:  Maybe if they are one of his children, maybe they don't listen to him like they should.
Britt:  It's important to listen to God.  I listen to Him, sometimes.

(Sometimes I just want to save these little moments.  The way he rolls all over the bed when we say prayer, that boy can't be still.  The way he randomly adds people's names when he thinks about them, like Christopher.  Or when he decided to pray for Aunt Maghen's frog.  The way he stops me in the middle of saying prayer to ask why God hasn't made someone all better yet, or do I think God likes cookies.  The way he says "Thank you fow our heavf and our guidin' pwotection."  Sorry this is so quiet.  Gary kinda hid the camera on the dresser, so he wouldn't pay any attention to it, and the volume just isn't there in this video.)

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