Thursday, October 03, 2013


In lieu of our regularly scheduled programming this week, here is a blog to cover all the kids, and fill those of you in who were wondering "where in the world did they go?"

For a week now, I've been attempting to take advantage of the gorgeous, and as I've been told unseasonably warm weather in order to clean out the flowerbeds.  I have some bulbs to plant when I get finished, and Gary brought home some fertilizer to put out.  He is even going to allow me a little money for mulching them. I started with the flowerbed along the side of the house between it and the drive way.  For the last two days I've continued on with the bed along the road.  If the weather holds long enough there is a bed on the other side of the house, that I will clear out too, after the round-up has had a chance to work.

The kids have been surprisingly good helpers.  The highlight though, was went we started finding "dinosaur bones" in the flowerbed along the guard rail.  We found over 30 bones, and Britt is excited to see if Granddaddy can identify any of them for him.  Britt helped me for 2 hours both days last week, but yesterday when we found bones, he stayed out there pulling grass and digging through dirt for nearly 4 hours.  I was amazed at his focus.  Ruth isn't much of a worker, not like he is, I got a could 20 mins out of her, before she started just throwing dirt around and laughing.

Rebecca has spent a little time out in the grass as well.  She's still not wild about it, but she's eating all the leaves that she can get her hands on.  She's had especially crazy hair, as it is blowing around in the wind, and she won't leave her bows in lately.  I guess if she doesn't care, I don't care when it's just us around the house.

Kita seems to be enjoying the cooler weather too.  She's been especially frisky, and bouncing all over the place.  She's finished blowing her coat, and her new undercoat is filling in nicely.  I am thinking about trying to get out and walk/run regularly with her now that it's cooling off.  It might be a good way to get off the last of the baby weight, that is so noticeably hanging around.

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