Tuesday, October 22, 2013

8 Months with Rebecca


You are 8 months old today, and my how quickly this month has flown.  The day was half over, before I remembered what day it was.

You continue to amaze me with your determination to keep up with your siblings.  You are lightening fast at crawling, traveling in circles in the rooms downstairs when they are running through them.  You will come into the kitchen or laundry room looking for me while I am working, when you get tired of playing with your own things.  Last Monday, I had you playing in the floor, and I carried something up the stairs to put away, and when I came back down you were on the third step, and hollaring for me.  Needless to say I broke out the baby gate, if I wasn't going to be right in the room with you, but you haven't tried it again.  Even when I tried to get you to, to show Daddy.  You began cruising on the furniture October 5th, and in the last week, you have attempted to let go and step, only to fall back down.  You have also attempted to stand in the middle of the room, but can't keep your balance, but end up standing on your knees.  It is mind-boggling to think that at such a young age that you might be walking soon.

You are still a peite little thing.  I was always a little jealous of some of the absolute dolls the other Sisters had, weigh all of 6 lbs sopping wet.  Britt and Ruth were cute with all of their rolls, but you are so dainty, and I love it too.  I'm not worried about your piddly weight gain since you are so very active in every other way.  I got on the scale with you this morning, and I believe you now weigh 17 lbs.  We'll find out for sure next Tuesday at your doctor's appointment.  You are still wearing alot of 3-6 month clothes, most of the shirts are getting a little tight, but the 6-9 pants mostly swallow you up.  You crawl right out of most of them.  I don't think it will be much longer, at least I hope not, because we don't really have any cold weather clothes in 3-6, and the weather is beginning to turn off this week.

You are improving, some, with the eating.  You completely gave up nursing this week.  As always, I'm so excited to be through with that.  And I'm beating myself up over not making it to a year.  And I'm a little sad after all you were actually a good nurser, you didn't have the wicked, barracuda, latch the others did.  And I'm appalled at the price of formula, I think it's gone up 30% in price since Ruth.  You HATE plain oatmeal, but don't mind it mixed with baby food, since that's what I'm using to thicken up your food.  In the last week, I've started feeding you baby food twice a day.  I would like to start giving you a little table food, but you don't have any teeth, and who knows when they might show up.  There were a few times, we were sure you were teething, only to have it pass, and leave no pearly whites behind.  I did let you eat some of my banana yesterday you couldn't decide what to do with it, till I broke you off a little piece, instead of letting you gum it to death.

You enjoy playing with Britt's dinosaurs.  My theory is it is because you see everyone else playing with them.  You also, really like your vibrating cow, and Britt's old blue puppy that he gave you.  You love to find paper to pull apart and eat, I don't know where you are stashing, it since you seem to be getting into it all the time!  You love to sit and watch the tv.  You love to people watch.  Everyone remarks about how observant you are, sitting and staring.  We all wonder what you must be thinking about you are so serious so much of the time, so focused.  Not to say that you don't laugh and smile alot, especially for Britt.  You are clearly a Momma's girl.  Which I don't complain about, much.

You remain content to go to anyone, but if I walk through your line of sight you start fussing for me.  Britt didn't get his clinginess until about a month or two shy of 2, and Ruth has never been clingy though she prefers Daddy.  This has really been our first time experiencing separation anxiety, and you are giving us a run for our money.

You can get down right mad if a bottle isn't forthcoming.  And you don't let go once you have it.  Grandmother laughed herself silly, over your death grip.  You are so much stronger than you appear to be.  Even worse though, is when you sit in the floor looking at Daddy in the evenings and just scream bloody murder to be held.  It drives Daddy nuts.  He wants to lay back and relax, and you don't just sit and cuddle any more, most of the time, you want to climb all over everyone and try to do flips out of the recliner.  On the same note, holding you in Church is getting to be a regular work out.  You are too small to sit on the bench, but too strong for the wrestling match.  You are very adament now about not sitting in your car seat more than about 15 or 20 mins into song service.

You are also talking a little bit more.  You are saying "Da-da" and "Ma-ma" not that it means Daddy and Momma yet.  You use them more to mean, "HEY!  SOMEBODY!  ANYBODY!  I don't want to sit here in the floor by myself anymore.  I don't like the carseat.  Or I'm starving!"  The other two are excited that you can talk now, and lay in the floor trying to get you to say Britt or Ruth.

You continue to amaze and charm, sweetness.  We love you so much, and thank God for you.

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