Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Going to Hannah and Leah's House

We went camping at Hannah and Leah's house.  I played with Hannah, Savannah, Dylan, Christopher, and Britt.  Britt was bad to Hannah.  He hit Hannah with his sword with Christopher.  I ran outside with Hannah.  Me very cold outside.  Hannah let me get under her blanket with her to be warm in the house.  Then we played with toys.

I ate a hot dog with Dylan.  Then I ate one, two, three, four marshmallows.  Then after I played, I ate some more.  I ate chocolate too.  Chocolate is very yummy and sticky too.  I didn't eat them all together.  No, Britt didn't either.  I didn't eat any on a cracker.

I sleep in my bed with Hannah and Britt.  It's Leah's bed.  I want to live there, cause me love Hannah and Leah.  I miss Hannah and Leah.  Me so excited to see them on Sunday again, cause I miss them.  I like going to that Church but I don't like playing games with Christopher because he not sing with me.  Hannah and Leah sing with me.  Christopher likes to play with Britt.  Sometimes he plays with me and Hannah and Leah's house.

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