Sunday, October 27, 2013

Old Carroll

We asked to join at Old Carroll Primitive Baptist Church today.  I am very happy to report they accepted us pending a letter from Little Union. We have visited half a dozen other Primitive Baptist Churches since we moved up in May. We have been in prayer for sometime about where the Lord would have us to be. There have a couple of Churches that impressed us, so we wanted to be sure before we made a decision. We believe in looking to the Lord to see where He wants us to be at any given time in our lives, but I don't believe in Church hopping.  Obviously the Truth, or the doctrine is the most important thing, but we also are looking for a Church home. I believe we have found one.  Bro. Jonathan is an able preacher with a great love for the Truth. Everyone in the Church is incredibly giving and loving, with a servant's heart. We really enjoying visiting and spending time with everyone. We are so grateful to have found Old Carroll and that they would have us.

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