Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gary's New Job

It's been a while, what with the upheaval of being in Alabama, getting a job, going back to Florida to back, a month without Gary, and then the move to Indiana.  Today I thought I might share a little about Gary's new job.
7-12, A couple of the guys Gary interviewed with.  His boss and his boss's boss.
He came up to interview in person with several members back on July 12th.  It was a long week waiting to hear back from them, but they made and offer, on Tuesday morning, Gary accepted it on Wednesday afternoon, and he started the following Monday.  It's been a real whirlwind for him, but I can say he is really loving this job.  Having a job is a blessing, having a career that you love is even better.  He's been there almost 2 months and his days are full of meetings, classes at the main office to learn about the seed program, and visiting farmers.
7-14, Some of Bro. Ralph's corn.
It's been a little bit of a learning curve from the way they word things up here in Yankee country, to the crops itself.  Gary didn't have much experience with grain crops, though he did study that some when he got his Masters.  It's alot to learn, yet not that much.  To put it in perspective, in Florida Gary was working with around 2 dozen different crops with tons of different chemicals, he figures he knew close to 600 chemicals and their rates of application, what you could and couldn't combine them with, and all that sort of important stuff.  Here he has two main crops and three minor crops, and their warehouse for chemicals isn't as big as our living room.  (Granted we do have a big living room, but still, you get the point.)  His big learning point has been seed.  Learning traits and how it works, the differences in different companies and yield.  It's been really neat to learn from him in the evenings.  The one thing that seems to come easiest to him is meeting the farmers, he says that they are just good down to earth people like anywhere.  Some of them have their quirks, but for the most part they are just like growers back home they like football, being outdoors, and family.
8-2, Sunset over Soybean fields.
You can see the sunset for the longest time up here, since it's so flat.
He has alot of responsibilities, he has been hired on two work as the Agronomy and Seed Salesman for two different locations.  They are both close, but he is expected to sell and do a 40+hour a week job at both locations in one 40 hour week.  Some of the best salesman in the company have their own secretaries to manage the paperwork side, and Gary is working two locations without a secretary.  He jokes that I'll handle some of that at home, but I worry a little about that aspect.  Even with the minor concerns I have, it's a great company, with really great people, and Gary is loving the work.  I cannot get over what a blessing this position has been, so far there have really been no negatives.

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