Monday, September 17, 2012

18 weeks with Baby #3

So this pregnancy is going well.  Better than either of the other two.  I have had some morning sickness, but not the all day, ab work out, throwing up marathon that the other two were.  Which is a good thing.  I told Gary we might not make it past three if I was that sick a third go round.  I've stretched a bottle of Phenagren through almost 2 months, where as before, I was doing fantastic if I only needed one a day.  This baby seems to really like Mexican food and raw onions.  I personally hate raw onions, and I knew this was a weird kid like his daddy when I was looking at an onion one day and thinking I might like to take a bite of it like you would an apple.  I've not had anything that I just can't stand to eat, though some days somethings sound like horrible food choices.
I've been feeling movement sporadically for around 3 or 4 weeks but in the last 2 weeks, I can feel it more regularly, without laying down, getting still, and consentrating.  This one I have mostly felt low and on my left side.  Sure enough at the ultrasound, the baby was sitting as low as possible with his tailbone on my cervix, and face burried into my hip bone.  I opted to not find out the sex this time.  I figure since we have one of each, and plenty of clothes, that I can always wash both sets of newborn clothes.  It might be fun to have a surprise this go round.  Gary wants to know though, so I had her write down the sex on a sheet of paper, and she sealed it in an envelope, which I promptly hid.  :)  She did give us a due date of 2/18.
The kids were a real laugh at the ultrasound.  They sat on the foot of the bed with me.  Britt was very intent on watching the screen, and the nurse told him where the head was and the feet, etc.  Most of the time he informed me that that wasn't a baby, but there were a couple of pictures that he thought were the baby.  Ruth on the other hand laid across my lap and was more interested in watching the gel and the "camera wand" rather than the tv with the baby.  Most of the time the baby had his back to us, and hands up by his checks.  Those feet never stopped moving though.  Of course that's because I had orange juice and Dr. Pepper before going.  I wanted to see some movement.  Once we saw the baby sucking his thumb.  The heartrate was 146 at the doctors office the other day and 156 at the ultrasound.  She said he looks like he is measuring 7 oz.
We don't have names right now.  Though my top picks for a girl are Rebecca and Katherine, and my top picks for a boy are William or Michael.  We will see how it goes though, because Gary likes short hacked up names, and I hate short hacked up names.  Will is the only shortened name I like.  If I use Rebecca, Katherine, or Michael it's because I like those names not Becky, Kat, or Mike.  Gary says he can't pick out a name until he knows boy or girl, and I'm not going to let him see the paper unless he helps pick out names, so we may not know the gender or name until the baby arrives.

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Sara said...

I'm So excited! I'm following your blog more now then before. I think the main reason is that I won't be able to earn baby bucks. Or did I by posting the first comment?